Air Force® Express®


Introducing the All-New Air Force® Express™, a super-fast way to dry your car, truck, SUV or motorcycle.

Now you can effortlessly dry an entire car in minutes without leaving micro scratches or water spots!

Introducing the All-New Air Force Express car dryer! This machine uses warm, dry, filtered air to safely blast water off expensive finishes and out of hard-to-reach places where no towel or chamois could
ever reach.

Perfect for getting water out of side-view mirrors, door jams, body seams, grills, lights, etc.

€¢ The Air Force Express features a 4.0 Peak Horsepower twin fan motor capable of delivering up to 34,000 linear feet-per-minute (over 350 MPH) of clean, dry, warm (35 degrees F above ambient), filtered air!
€¢ Compact and Lightweight Design.
€¢ Two hoses with a combined length of 12 feet.
€¢ Permanent fixed wheels with front swivel casters. 
€¢ 25 foot grounded cord, rubber blower nozzle and air flare.

California Residents: CA Residents Proposition 65

Construction: All Steel Construction; Black Matte Finish
Motor: 4.0 Peak HP Twin Fan Motor 120V
AMPS: 10.8
Watts 1170
Airflow: CFM 114
Airflow: CFPM 34000
Cord: 12 Ft. Heavy Duty 3 Conductor
Hose: 2 x 6 Ft. Flexible
Accessories: Air Flare, Blower Nozzle, Wall Mount Bracket

It Pays to be Made in the USA!

This machine carries a Five Year Limited* Warranty. 

The Five Year Warranty includes the dryer unit and the motor.*

There is also a One Year Warranty* on Parts, Switches, and Cords.

This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, including installation, with the exceptions stated below.

*Metrovac will repair or replace any defective or malfunctioning part* at no charge. If the machine is not repairable, it will be replaced.

*Mechanical alterations made to the machine will void the warranty.

*Warranty does not cover carbon brushes, carbon brush wear, filters, or general maintenance.

*The warranty does not cover physical damage made to the machine, improper electrical connections, or water damage.

*Customer is responsible for shipping charges to and from our facility.

***Even if the product is beyond the warranty period, we suggest you send the unit back to our factory for expert repairs and maintenance at reasonable rates. Please click the following link to access our Repairs and Maintenance form***

Customer Reviews

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Wow, When I received my product I was blown away with the quality and performance of this unit. You guys really did you homework. Kudos to your design team. I now have a regained confidence that Americans can make a quality product. I will definitely recommend your product to my friends. Thanks. ~ David B. TX


Dear Metro, I just bought a Motorcycle Dryer for my company. We Rent Harley-Davidson & Honda Motorcycles. This really takes the work out of cleaning a bike.!!!!!! Cuts 20 min. of time to clean a bike & no water in the controls. I love Touchless drying. Thank You. ~ Jerry P. AZ


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