220/240V MagicAir® Deluxe Inflator/Deflator Pump DIDA-4


  • Perfect for all types and sizes of boats, rafts, float tubes, towables, pools, pool toys, air mattresses, etc.
  • The baked enamel finish is attractive & long lasting.
  • 18,000 feet-per-minute makes quick work of large inflatables.
  • Ideal for boaters, fishermen, campers, vacationers, schools and institutions.
  • Designed for extra-large personal or commercial applications.
  • The MagicAir® features rugged all steel construction, weather-resistant powder-coat finish, 6 ft. flexible hose and up to 4.0 HP power unit.
  • Tapered 7/8" OD & 3/16" OD to fit large or small inflatables.
  • Compact, portable and easy to use and store.
  • Will not inflate high pressure items like tires.