220/240V Air Force® Master Blaster® Revolutionâ„¢ with 30 foot hose MB-3CDSWB-30220


How would you like to be able to hang your Master Blaster® Revolution™ near your garage door and simply walk around your car with a 30 ft. hose?  You get the same power of the Master Blaster® Revolution™ plus the convenience of an extra-long and crush proof hose. That’s why it’s one of our best-selling car dryers.

The Air Force® Master Blaster® Car Dryer uses 540 MPH of warm, dry, filtered air that provides a safe, touchless drying experience without the chance of scratching expensive paint and chrome finishes.  It won’t cause scratches, streaks or spots like towels and chamois can. And the powerful blasts of air can be used to dry hard to reach parts of your vehicle including its engine, panel gaps, grill, mirrors and more. The hose hanger makes storing the hose a cinch, too.

Professional detailers and car enthusiasts worldwide choose the Air Force® Master Blaster® Revolution™ Car Dryer as the quickest way to thoroughly dry their cars with high-quality results.

Features all-steel construction, a textured matte finish and is built to last.  Dry your car quickly and safely with the Air Force® Master Blaster® Car Dryer!

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