220/240V Air Force® Master Blaster® Revolution™ with 30 foot hose MB-3CDSWB-30220


The Air Force® Master Blaster® Revolution™ with 30-foot hose takes car drying to the next level.

How would you like to be able to hang your Master Blaster® Revolution™ near your garage door and simply walk around your car with a 30 ft. hose?  You get the same power of the Master Blaster® Revolution™ plus the convenience of an extra-long and crush proof hose. That’s why it’s one of our best-selling car dryers.

The Air Force® Master Blaster® Car Dryer uses 540 MPH of warm, dry, filtered air that provides a safe, touchless drying experience without the chance of scratching expensive paint and chrome finishes.  It won’t cause scratches, streaks or spots like towels and chamois can. And the powerful blasts of air can be used to dry hard to reach parts of your vehicle including its engine, panel gaps, grill, mirrors and more. The hose hanger makes storing the hose a cinch, too.

Professional detailers and car enthusiasts worldwide choose the Air Force® Master Blaster® Revolution™ Car Dryer as the quickest way to thoroughly dry their cars with high-quality results.

Features all-steel construction, a textured matte finish and is built to last.  Dry your car quickly and safely with the Air Force® Master Blaster® Car Dryer!

Please choose Euro, UK, or AU cord.

Air Force® Master Blaster® Revolution™ with 30' Hose MB-3CDSWB-30
Construction: Sturdy All Steel
Motor: 8.0 Peak HP (two motors)
Amps: 19 Amps
Watts: 2,280 Watts
Airflow: CFM/FPM 58,500 ft./min./400 CFM
Cord: 12 ft. Heavy Duty, 3 Conductor
Dimensions/Weight: 22"x8"x11" / 17 lbs
Accessories: 30 ft. x 1.5" Flexible Commercial Strength hose, Heavy Duty Neoprene Blower nozzle plus 5 additional Interchangeable Attachments, Front Swivel Wheels, Wall Mount Bracket, Hose Hanger

It Pays to be Made in the USA!

This machine carries a Five Year Limited* Warranty. 

The Five Year Warranty includes the dryer unit and the motor.*

There is also a One Year Warranty* on Parts, Switches, and Cords.

This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, including installation, with the exceptions stated below.

*Metrovac will repair or replace any defective or malfunctioning part* at no charge. If the machine is not repairable, it will be replaced.

*Mechanical alterations made to the machine will void the warranty.

*Warranty does not cover carbon brushes, carbon brush wear, filters, or general maintenance.

*The warranty does not cover physical damage made to the machine, improper electrical connections, or water damage.

*Customer is responsible for shipping charges to and from our facility.

***Even if the product is beyond the warranty period, we suggest you send the unit back to our factory for expert repairs and maintenance at reasonable rates. Please click the following link to access our Repairs and Maintenance form***

Just wanted to let your people know what a fantastic product the Air Force Master Blaster Car Dryer MB-3CD is. I debated on purchasing it for quite a while but now that I have used it I wish I would have had it years ago. It does an incredible job of drying my vehicles especially getting all the water out of the nooks and crannies of a car. I am so impressed with its power and design I can't say enough about it! I also want to let you know how much I appreciate the quality you put into what you build. I like to spend my hard earned money on tools that will last a lifetime and serviceable not disposable plastic junk.  Thanks again for the high quality product and for making it in the USA. I appreciate your company and what you stand for. Keep up the good work. I will spread the word about your quality products.

~ Brian


What a quality piece of USA made equipment! I haven't tried the AirForce Master Blaster out blow drying my new Corvette yet, however after pretesting, there certainly isn't a lack of air velocity to get the job done.................. It's like my owning my own personal tornado. Thanks again.

~ Randy R. MI


I received the 8HP Master Blaster today and you were not kidding. This is a serious drying machine.

~ Anthony, AZ


First, let me say the MASTER BLASTER does exactly what it's supposed to do. I will never go back to using a chamois to dry my cars or motorcycles again! Thanks again for making a great product and most of all, MAKING IT IN THE USA! Best regards

~ Carl E.  MI


Dear Sir: I just talked with you over the phone re the Master Blaster and confided I use your products to clean a Porsche (as you do). Right after the call I clicked on a video link on your site and saw you being interviewed by Manny Alban (PCA President) discussing your products. What a pleasure watching an honest to goodness American company producing great products! Best regards

~ Tony, CA


Few pictures of a very much used blower from about 6 years ago next to a new blower! We use it six days a week sometimes 10 to 15 times a day! Been awesome!

~ Justin Memphis TN


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