220/240V Air Force® Blaster® Sidekick® Car and Motorcycle Dryer SK-1/220V


Water can run, but it can’t hide from the Air Force® Blaster® Sidekick™! 

With a Textured Matte Finish.

Dry your car or motorcycle in minutes with warm (30 degrees F above ambient), dry, filtered air generated by this handheld powerhouse. Getting a professional quality, dry finish for your ride has never been easier than it is with the Air Force® Blaster® Sidekick®!  It is the perfect way to expel water from side-view mirrors, door jams, body seams, grills, lights, engines and more. The Sidekick® dryer does it all!

The all-steel construction of the Air Force® Blaster® Sidekick® makes it nearly indestructible, yet it only weighs about three pounds. Don’t be fooled though, this lightweight car dryer packs a powerful 1.3 HP motor and single-stage fan that moves 18,000 feet of air per minute. Its portable size means the Sidekick® delivers powerful drying results without straining your muscles.

The Sidekick® features a 14-inch heavy-duty power cord, durable neoprene nozzle and air-flare, as well as an EZ Change foam filter.

Best of all, this high-performance car and motorcycle dryer is designed to save you time and get your pristine ride back on the road in no time.

Choose between a Euro cord, UK cord, or AU cord set.

  Blaster® SideKick™ SK-1
Construction: Sturdy All Steel
Motor: 1.3 Peak HP
Amps: 8 Amps
Watts: 960 Watts
Airflow: CFM/FPM 18,000 ft./min.
Cord: 12", 3-Conductor
Dimensions/Weight: 4.25"x7.5"x9.75" / 3 lbs
Accessories: Heavy Duty Neoprene Blower Blower and Air Flare Nozzles

It Pays to be Made in the USA!

This machine carries a One Year Limited* Warranty.

The One Year Warranty covers the whole machine, with the exception of the below*.

This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, including installation, with the exceptions stated below.

Metrovac will repair or replace any defective or malfunctioning part* at no charge.  If the machine is not repairable, it will be replaced.

*Mechanical alterations made to the machine will void the warranty.

*Warranty does not cover carbon brushes, carbon brush wear, filters, or general maintenance.

*The warranty does not cover physical damage made to the machine, improper electrical connections, or water damage.

*Customer is responsible for shipping charges to and from our facility.

***Even if the product is beyond the warranty period, we suggest you send the unit back to our factory for expert repairs and maintenance at reasonable rates.  Please click the following link to access our Repairs and Maintenance form***

Hello, I just purchased the AirForce Blaster Sidekick. What an amazing, well built machine. I have found a new use for it. I have a Vermont Castings wood stove that is very difficult at times to get an updraft. Without that I get a room full of smoke. Using the Sidekick, I place the air nozzle into the stoves flue and switch it on for about twenty seconds. The warm air will reverse the draft and allow a fire to be started easily. I was looking for a good US built product and am so impressed with its performance.  Build it right and in the US and they will buy it.

~ Tim D. MD


I bought this being pretty skeptical of the product.... Wow this thing blew me away. The $100 I spent for the sidekick is worth its weight in gold to me after washing my bike today. I am strongly suggesting this to my friends and fellow riders. Keep up the great work!

~ Ryan L. CA


Wow, When I received my product I was blown away with the quality and performance of this unit. You guys really did you homework. Kudos to your design team. I now have a regained confidence that Americans can make a quality product. I will definitely recommend your product to my friends. Thanks.

~ David B. TX


Dear Metro, I just bought a Motorcycle Dryer for my company. We Rent Harley-Davidson & Honda Motorcycles. This really takes the work out of cleaning a bike.!!!!!! Cuts 20 min. of time to clean a bike & no water in the controls. I love Touchless drying. Thank You.

~ Jerry P. AZ


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