Revitalize Your Ride with MetroVac’s Line of Car Vacuums

No matter what you do, your car is going to get dirty. Whether it’s dirt from a kid’s soccer game, old grocery receipts, fast food crumbs, or a camping adventure; your car is exposed to all kinds of dust and debris. 

Rather than bringing your vehicle in for costly detailing every month, owning a personal handheld vacuum cleaner can help preserve a clean car and even improve interior air quality. Our inventory at MetroVac includes a variety of air blasters and high-powered automotive vacuums to keep your interior free of dust and debris. 

MetroVac Hand Vacuums


Below are some essential air blasters and vacuums that any car enthusiast should have at the ready. 

Air Blasters and Car Vacuums

  • Air Force® Blaster® Sidekick® Car and Motorcycle Dryer SK-1: This product helps car detailers effortlessly dry their vehicles without leaving behind pesky water marks or threatening the paint. It’s lightweight and features a replaceable filter. The Air Force® Blaster® Sidekick® is the perfect way to expel water from your car’s mirrors, grille, door jams, engine, and more. 

  • Air Force® Express®: The Air Force® Express® allows drivers and car enthusiasts to dry their entire vehicle in minutes without the risk of micro-scratches or leaving behind water spots. This uses filtered air to blast water and dirt off your vehicle’s flawless exterior in a way that no car towel or chamois could.

  • Vac N Blo® JR 12V HI Performance Hand Vac/Blower AM12-IDA: This featherweight machine provides full-power suction from a heavy-duty motor that removes dirt from deep within upholstery fibers. The powerful vacuum is designed for efficient dry pick-up and dust removal. 

  • Experience A New Type of Clean with MetroVac Cleaning Products  

    No one wants to ride in a dirty vehicle. Keep your exterior free of scratches and water spots and your interior completely dust-free using Metro Vac’s lightweight and convenient air blasters and vacuums.