Pet Vacuums to Keep Your Furry Friend Dry and Happy

MetroVac Dog Pet Vacuum

A functional pet vacuum is essential for any professional grooming process and helps to prevent additional tangles. 

Leaving your dog’s fur wet after a bath can lead to a variety of issues including skin irritation, matting, and fungal infections. Not to mention, wet fur can often have an unpleasant odor. 

Our selection of pet vacuums ensures that your furry friend is thoroughly dried and ready for fun after their grooming appointment. 

Handheld and Mounted Vacuums

MetroVac provides an entire inventory of pet dryers and vacuums that have been designed with the needs of pet owners and pet groomers in mind. 

You’ll notice exceptional suction power, efficiency, and overall improved grooming from all of our products including the three mentioned in detail below. 


This pet dryer is American-made and uses quality steel and has been depended on by pet groomers for 30 years. It’s perfect for grooming professionals or caring pet owners. This dryer can be used on pets with short or long hair and is powerful enough to dry pets with thick coats of fur. 

Some of its key features include:

  • Variable speed control for pets sensitive to noise levels
  • Airflow control
  • Air concentrator
  • Easy change filter
  • Dual mounted legs
  • Available in multiple color options

The Air Force® Commander® Variable Speed Pet Dryer is the perfect tool for safely drying your pet’s hair without damaging their coat or skin. 


For pet groomers looking for handheld convenience, the Air Force® Quick Draw® Mini Portable Pet Dryer is lightweight and powerful. 

Whether you’re at home or on the go, this dryer keeps you prepared for any unexpected swimming adventures or getting caught in the rain. Despite its compact size, this machine effectively dries even the thickest of fur coats in a matter of minutes. 

This handheld dryer is available in single-speed and variable-speed options and has been built to last. 


This is a high-performance pet dryer built to deliver extremely efficient pet drying. The multi-use Air Force® Top Gun® Variable Speed Pet Dryer gives you full control over the level of blowing power, heat, and strength of the dryer. These adjustable features allow you to better serve a variety of pets with one machine. Using this device also helps professional groomers to reduce pet-drying time and attend to other pets. 

The full setup includes a convenient stand to help groomers dry larger pets and create a fully customized grooming experience for their customers. 

Shop Our Selection of Dog Grooming Vacuums 

Whether you run your own pet grooming business or are just a loving pet owner, we have the perfect vacuums and dryers to keep your furry friend healthy and dry.

Shop our selection of pet hair dyers today and feel free to ask our team any questions regarding available products.