Overview of Vacuum Parts and Accessories at MetroVac

Here at MetroVac, our vacuum cleaner company we  go above and beyond to keep your professional-grade vacuums and blowers in prime operating condition with our inventory of available parts and accessories

From our website you can find everything you need to make any necessary upgrades and repairs. 

MetroVac Parts & Accessories

Some common replacement parts include:

Bags & Filters: New bags and filters ensure that your vacuum is actually trapping dust and debris rather than blowing it onto a new surface. 

Carbon Brushes: Carbon brushes help to reduce wear and tear on your motors. Damaged brushes can result in sparking. 

Replacement Cords & Switches: Low suction force and loud vacuums can sometimes be a result of damaged cords and switches. Our team can help you to efficiently make repairs and replacements for any faulty parts. 

Hoses: Vacuum hoses are essential for maintaining proper pressure, power, and suction. We carry electric hoses, hose extensions, and more. 

Magic Air® Parts: Our inventory of Magic Air® parts includes a variety of adaptors, shoulder straps, and stylish carrying bags for your equipment. 

Pet Dryer Parts: Pet dryer accessories include everything from grooming brushes and combs to concentrated air blasters and cage dryers. Our inventory makes it convenient for you to groom your pets.

Motors & Motor Parts: We can replace your entire motor or find replacement parts to make repairs. We offer single and twin-fan motor systems. 

Vac N-Blo Parts: Vac N-Blo parts provide versatility and convenience for your compatible equipment. We offer attachment kits, utility bags, and a variety of adaptors. 

Don’t struggle with a weak machine and find all the parts and accessories you need at MetroVac. 

We can even answer any questions you might have about repairing or upgrading your vacuums and air blasters. Our team here at MetroVac is always happy to help.