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Not keeping electronic equipment in tip-top shape can lead to downtime, disruption, and other costly risks. But you need the right tools in order to clean and protect your gear. Our selection of high-quality, durable electronic dusters here at MetroVac can give you the peace of mind you crave. Want to avoid future tech glitches? Explore a handful of our products below. 

DataVac® Electric Duster® 

The DataVac® Electric Duster® from MetroVac is your professional alternative to simple canned air. We’ve designed this multipurpose device to blast dirt, dust, and debris away from any expensive tech equipment. Despite its compact size, this duster is extremely powerful and can help ensure that your electronic gear and office equipment remain dust-free and running at maximum efficiency. 

The DataVac® Electric Duster® ED-500 features a modern design and a 500-watt motor that mirrors our philosophy, which is to “go green and save green.” It has a sturdy, all-steel, baked enamel finish, and a 12-foot 2-conductor cord. You can also get: 

  • A 7/8” air concentrator 
  • An air flare 
  • A four-piece micro-cleaning tool kit  

Opt for the ED-500PV version of our 2024 Global Recognition Award winner, and you’ll get a variable-speed device. 

MetroVac DataVac® ESD Safe Electric Duster® 

The MetroVac DataVac® ESD Safe Electric Duster® features an antistatic testing system to help keep your electronic gear dust-free and running effectively. It comes with an assortment of ESD-safe and antistatic attachments, including a crevice tool, dusting brush, four-piece micro-toolkit, and a grounded wrist strap. 

The duster has a modern and sturdy structure, and even though it's lightweight, it remains one of the most powerful office dusters in the business. It’s also more eco-friendly than other options, and it's made in the USA. You can also upgrade to the ESDV model, which features a variable speed motor. Both devices come with a 12-foot 2-conductor cord.  

DataVac® ESD Safe Maintenance System 

Looking for the ultimate cleaning tool? Check out the DataVac® ESD Safe Maintenance System, built to adhere to government specifications. It’s a complete antistatic vacuum, blower, and dusting system that’s made specifically to help you look after your expensive printers, computers, copiers, and other office equipment. It has a four-stage HEPA filtration system, which is 99.97% effective at trapping dust particles as small as 0.3 microns and preventing them from re-contaminating your equipment. 

Choose from three versions that are increasingly more powerful. Each product also features: 

  • A 3-foot to 6-foot stretch hose 
  • Crevice tool 
  • Dust brush 
  • Grounding wrist strap 
  • Five extra disposable bags 

For storage, pack everything into a heavy-duty, lightweight, foam-filled, nylon carry-all bag with a shoulder strap. 

Don’t forget that we also have a selection of bags and filters for your ongoing needs. 

DataVac® Pro Series  

The DataVac® Pro Series is the leading computer vacuum in the world. It can pick up even the tiniest particles of dirt, dust, hair, and debris, is incredibly lightweight but durable, with an all-steel construction, and is a fully green alternative to canned air cleaning solutions. In other words, it's the dream machine for IT professionals. There are various models within each of the Pro Series 1, 2, or 3, with different accessory kits, flexible hoses, and more. Contact MetroVac to help you choose the perfect solution for your needs. 

Choose Guaranteed Quality, Unrivaled Power, and Longevity 

To protect your electronic equipment, you should only use the best vacuum. Here at MetroVac, we build our products to last. We're proud to assemble everything in the USA and only source the highest-quality components along the way. 

Contact one of our friendly associates today by calling 800-822-1602 for all your electronic product cleaning needs.