Professional Evolution Variable Speed Full-Size Canister Vacuum ADM4SNBFVC

Professional Evolution Variable Speed Full-Size Canister Vacuum ADM4SNBFVC

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A total performance cleaning system and the ultimate in power, performance and portability.  More

MetroVac offers commercial power and commercial performance for the home.

The Ultimate in Power, Performance & Portability. A perfect description of the Professional Evolution Full-Size Canister Vac.

A powerhouse for tackling tough jobs with ease. Nothing beats Professional Evolution Full-Size Canister Vac for getting out imbedded dirt. Variable speed - Industrial quality, that cranks out an impressive 4.0 Peak Horsepower (more than units selling for twice the price!) and a 4-stage, HEPA-certified air filtration system that traps 99.97% of all airborne allergens, dust and animal dander for a cleaner, germ-free home environment. All Steel construction; Satin Nickel / Black Finish. Front Swivel Casters A powerful Variable Speed 4.0 Peak HP and quadruple HEPA filtration system.

The Professional Evolution Full-Size Canister Vac’s suction is far superior to most ordinary vacuum cleaners and its reversible, 200 mph air blower sweeps up garages, workshops, walkways, and inflates inflatables too. When it comes to results even much more expensive upright models can take a back seat to Professional Evolution Full-Size Canister Vac. Long Life! Possibly the last home cleaning system you will ever have to purchase. Best of all it's MADE IN THE USA!

California Residents: CA Residents Proposition 65

Professional Evolution Variable Speed Full-Size Canister Vacuum ADM4SNBF
Construction: All Steel construction; Satin Nickel / Black Finish
Motor: 4.0 Peak HP Twin Fan Motor, Variable Speed
Amps: 11.25 Amps
Watts: 1,350 Watts
Airflow: CFM/FPM 130 CFM
Cord: 20 ft. with Storage Halo
Dimensions/Weight: 21.25"x7"x9"
Accessories: 6.5’ Crushproof Flex Hose, 2-20” Steel Extension Wands, Combo Rug/Floor Tool, Dust Brush, Fabric Tool, Crevice Tool, 3 Disposable Bags & 2 Foam Filters

It Pays to be Made in the USA!

This machine carries a Five Year Limited* Warranty. 

The Five Year Warranty includes the dryer unit and the motor.*

There is also a One Year Warranty* on Parts, Switches, and Cords.

This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, including installation, with the exceptions stated below.

*Metrovac will repair or replace any defective or malfunctioning part* at no charge. If the machine is not repairable, it will be replaced.

*Mechanical alterations made to the machine will void the warranty.

*Warranty does not cover carbon brushes, carbon brush wear, filters, or general maintenance.

*The warranty does not cover physical damage made to the machine, improper electrical connections, or water damage.

*Customer is responsible for shipping charges to and from our facility.

***Even if the product is beyond the warranty period, we suggest you send the unit back to our factory for expert repairs and maintenance at reasonable rates. Please click the following link to access our Repairs and Maintenance form***

I recently purchased the above vacuum. I like the vacuum. One time through my carpet and it has picked up half a bag of dirt after vacuuming with my old vac. Thank you.

~ Alan J. FL


I just received one of your vacuums I ordered from The Vermont Country Store. I am very pleased with it. I have 4 cats, 3 are long-haired, and I am very impressed with the ability of the machine to pick up cat hair. There is plenty of power and I like the compact size. Thank you for keeping your factory in the USA, and for offering a Made In the USA choice for a vacuum.

~ Sharon W. KS


I purchased the canister vacuum from your professional line close to 2 years ago. Not only have I been so impressed with the performance of its capability to keep our carpets looking like new (which is not an easy task with a toddler), but I've been equally impressed with your outstanding customer service. It is by far superior to any other company that I've have ever dealt with. Just this past week the prong from the hose broke off and I was frantic about how I was ever going to fix it. When I called your 800 number I was expecting to be referred to a repair shop. Instead, you had me ship it to you directly and you repaired it within 24 hours and had it back to me the following day. Thank you again for all your help.

~ Liz M. NYC


This is a super machine and so sensible. I truly like the machine. I like practical things, and I had wanted a 4 hp canister vacuum forever, it seems. I count on the Vermont Country Store to find unusual and no-nonsense items, and they hit the jackpot this time. Thanks again.

~ Betty P. VA


I bought an OV-4 the end of January (1/31/07).. (from The Vermont Country Store) ..  I wanted to be sure to tell you that I find it to be an amazing, wonderful little machine. I have tried many and searched for a long time for a 'real' vacuum cleaner ... one of quality, that is very powerful and easy to move around with, with useful attachments and a long hose, plus this one is even small and light-weight. Also, I was pleasantly surprised that the tiny little filter bag lasts longer than I expected; the contents appear to get very compressed. This fine tool will be a part of my household for a long time.

~ Julia D., WA

Professional Evolution Variable Speed Full-Size Canister Vacuum ADM4SNBFVC

Professional Evolution Variable Speed Full-Size Canister Vacuum ADM4SNBFVC
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