An Important COVID-19 Update From MetroVac

During this current Coronavirus pandemic, MetroVac has been designated as an essential business and we’re doing our part. Our high-volume inflators and deflators are needed to rapidly deploy and operate temporary inflatable medical air shelters, decontamination showers, isolation rooms, drive-thru flu testing shelters, mobile field hospitals, decontamination pools and rescue boats. These are being provided to the Federal Government, Fire/EMS, and large Healthcare Systems around the US to fight the Coronavirus pandemic. We’ve also taken the necessary steps to protect our staff and our customers. So, we’re open for business, if you need to purchase the best American made products to clean your house, detail your car, groom your dog, clean up your electronics, etc. We’re here for you. With all Americans pulling together we look forward to overcoming this challenge. Thank you and stay safe, The Stern Family and everyone at MetroVac!

Since 1939 we have been hand crafting vacuum cleaners, blowers, dryers and pumps in the USA using the highest quality domestic and international components available.
Air Force® Blaster® Sidekick™ Car and Motorcycle Dryer
Blaster® Sidekick™ is the perfect way to expel water from your side-view mirrors, door jams, body seams, grills, lights, and engine or more, the Sidekick™ dryer does it all!
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We are celebrating our 80th Anniversary!

Customer Reviews

"God bless your engineering. Love your products. number one quality. Proud to use MADE IN USA Product!"
Ali M. - MI
"I just wanted to drop a quick note to you about the ED-500. I regret not purchasing it sooner, as it has already paid for itself in dusting out PC's/networking equipment as well as the Roomba's filters. It is obvious that it is made for a lifetime of use, and has a permanent place in the drawer. Thanks for making a reliable high quality product."
Josh C. - PA
"I recently purchased a Metro Vac N Go 500, and I am thoroughly impressed. The power, design, weight, and suction are VERY impressive."
Greg H. - TN
"I just purchased the ADM-4PNHSF to replace your Metro Commercial Vacuum Cleaner which we bought 30 years ago through a Chase CC flyer attachment. That was the vacuum that would stick to the wall. Thanks for a great vacuum."
Joseph M. - NJ
"I just purchased 500W SS unit from Costco. The elegance and the simplicity of the design is striking and on top of this functions perfectly. Bravo. Very satisfied customer and engineer."
George R. - OR

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